Work Visas for Australia

Want to work in Australia? Then you’ll need a work visa. Without a work visa, you’ll end up hiding out in the bush with the kangaroos and biting ants. Australia offers citizens of other lands four kinds of work visas. Each is different with various stipulations and demands one must meet before Australia will issue one.

Overall, Australia favors younger people, or people with skills and education or aspirations to become skilled. Each work visa requires a minimum payment, and each has a set time limit. You will be expected to leave when time expires or find a hiding place with the kangaroos.

Working Holiday Visa

The Working Holiday Visa is designed for people between the ages of 18 and 30 looking for a temporary job. This visa allows the holder the opportunity to work for a time and then travel and enjoy a holiday around the continent. These visa holders can only work for an individual company for up to six months. The visa time clock starts the moment you step on Australian soil and is good for 12 months. Generally, the working holiday visa is available only once in a person’s lifetime although a second application can be made under specific conditions. The cost of this visa is AUD$280.

Work and Holiday Visa

This visa is for individuals from specific countries where no reciprocal Working Holiday Visa agreement exists between Australia and that country. It’s designed for people between the ages of 18 and 30 interested in an extended Australian holiday. These visa holders can work various temporary jobs to extend a holiday. The visa is good for 12 months and costs AUD$280.

Professional Visas

These visas allow people to live in Australia for up to four years while working for an employer. The visas must be sponsored by approved employers who need a skilled individual in a particular position. The requirements are varied, and no age limit is set. The cost is AUD$180.

Sponsored Training Visa

This visa allows people to work in Australia in a training program sponsored by specific organizations. The apprenticeship may be in a trade or skill where there is a shortage. Age requirements vary.