Unemployment in Australia

Since February of 2008, the unemployment rate in Australia has been at an impressive record low. During the year of 2008 the unemployment rate was at 4.8 percent. Between February 2011 and present day, the unemployment rate has fluctuated between 4.9 and 5.4 percent. The average rate in Australia is between 5.2 percent and 5.4 percent. The record high for unemployment in Australia is 10.9 percent in the year 1992.

According to studies, there is a seasonal fluctuation with unemployment. Seasonal or temporary jobs may be readily available during holiday months, but this is not the only factor behind the low unemployment rates. The aforementioned studies show that the increase in unemployment is due to males obtaining full time jobs. In comparison to other countries across the world, Australia is consistently on the lower spectrum of unemployment rates.

In general, low unemployment rates can be attributed to training and job promotion in the particular area. Career fairs, re-training and employment assistance centers often attribute to high employment rates, too. During the past few years, a few industries have seen a steady increase in employment in Australia. These industries include mental health, mining, professional education and scientific education. There is also an increase in employees who travel for their work. This travel may include flying or simply long distance driving to a job location. This is particularly popular in the field of construction management. The Bureau of Statistics in Australia states that jobs have been more evenly dispersed across the country as opposed to ten years ago.