Photography Jobs in Australia

If you are an experienced photographer in Australia and have a good eye for choosing subjects and framing your shots, you will be interested in finding work that requires your image-making skills.

A variety of jobs are available to photographers, which means there is bound to be something that meshes nicely with your skills, personality and interests. If you enjoy working with children, for example, you could find work as a school photographer. Students need photos taken every year, and schools often want to make group photos as part of their record of each class.

Wedding photography is another field that is wide open to photographers, with opportunities to travel and experience beautiful sights as you take pictures of happy couples exchanging vows. You may be called upon to travel to Qualia Luxury Resort at Hamilton Island one weekend to record images of an elaborate event, and then find yourself at Sydney Harbor the next weekend, taking stunning images of a couple set against the gorgeous skyline.

If taking pictures of breaking events is more to your liking, you will want to find employment as a photographer at a newspaper. You may be assigned to go out with photographers as they work their beats, such as covering sports stories or conducting interviews with titans of industry.

A large market exists for pictures related to celebrities and entertainment, and you may discover that you enjoy shooting movie stars and television personalities for magazines. If you are able to get exclusive shots of a celebrity who is out on the town doing no good, such as carrying on having an obvious affair or getting tossed out of a nightclub in Perth, you may very well solidify your reputation as a go-to person to stake out famous people and catch them at their worst!

Your skills as a photographer likely include the ability to manipulate images with photo-editing software. There is work to be had touching up photos for product shots, such as advertising campaigns for new processed foods, restaurant meals, consumer electronics and other coveted items.

Whether you work with digital cameras or prefer to use film, your talents as a photographer will serve you well in finding work in Australia and it would pay to join specialised┬ásites such as (or for international shooters – to get your name and profile out there.